70% of every ticket registration is receipted as a tax deductible donation.
This tax deductible amount will be counted as a donation to benefit the following two nonprofits.

Little Italy of Los Angeles Association (LILAA)  is a 501c3 nonprofit working to create a cultural hub for the Italian American community in Los Angeles. With the 5th largest Italian-American population of the United States residing in San Pedro, LILAA is hoping to turn the local piazza in a center for Italian cultural events and authentic Italian businesses to flourish. Donated amounts will benefit LILAA scholarship fund to support local high school and college students further their education. To find out more about Little Italy of Los Angeles Association please visit www.LILAA.org.

Fondazione Italia is a California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1998 for the purpose of promoting the teaching of the Italian language and culture across Southern California. Our main activities include supporting the creation and/or growth of Italian programs in K-12 schools, offering extracurricular Italian language classes for children and classes for adults and more. Donated amount will benefit Fondazione Italia language programs. To find out more about Fondazione Italia please visit www.italianfoundation.org.